Certification process


Evaluation process

  • When the quality management system is implemented, the Company applies to Confidentia and submits a completed application
  • Certification terms and price are provided
  • The Certification Agreement is signed
  • An audit program (objectives and scope), duration of audits and an appropriate composition of the audit team are established
  • The 1 audit stage. The compliance of management system documents with the requirements of the applicable Standard
  • The 2 audit stage. The compliance of the management system with the requirements of the applicable Standard
  • Audit reports are provided
  • Certification solution is accepted. If the certification was successful, the certificate and the terms of use of the brand will be issued
  • Two maintenance audits are carried out over a three-year period. They are executed at least 12 months from the last day after the last audit
  • Re-certification is carried out after three years from the issuance of the certificate


How to use your Confidentia approval mark

Confidentia mark can be used in advertising and other publicly distributed materials and documentation. The size of a mark may be reduced (due to local restrictions and etc.) or increased. The mark must be clearly legible. Use only the original color on the label – blue marine color or black only.

The mark can not be used on the company buildings, flags, vehicles or any other product. The mark is a quality management system approval. It can not be used on any document or package that could mean Confidentia has approved a product or service. The mark must only be used with those aspects of the product or service of the company that fall within the scope of the approval of the quality management system and in accordance with the location references in the certificate. The correct use of the brand is a contractual obligation. Confidentia monitors the use of the mark during maintenance and re-certification visits. Withdrawal of the certification of the company must immediately terminate the use of the mark and destroy any material.